The names of the piercings of the mouth

Piercing of the oral cavity

Although tongue and lip piercings are quite common, they are not without risk. Tongue piercing can cause temporary difficulty in speaking or swallowing, and can also cause injury to the teeth and mouth. There is also a risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream through the skin during piercing, which can cause infections. Lip or tongue piercings can also affect the health of your teeth and gums and cause problems with your ability to bite.

Tongue piercing is known as a "tongue piercing" or "tongue stud", and lip piercing is known as a "lip piercing" or "lip stud". These piercings can be single or multiple, and can be on both lips or both sides of the tongue, for example.

Before piercing, it is important to think carefully and make sure that you are aware of the potential risks and that the piercing is done in accordance with good hygiene practices. It is advisable to use only reliable and skilled piercers and to ensure that they use sterile equipment and follow good hygiene practices.

Names of oral piercings

  1. Smiley
  2. Frowney
  3. Uvula
  4. Venom
  5. Tongue
  6. Horizontal Tongue / Snake Eyes
  7. Marley / Tongue Web

Lip piercings